B. Terfloth & Associates - Serving you for more than 240 years!

The history of B. Terfloth in the trading business dates back to 1774 in Greven, Westfalia, Germany, more than 240 years ago. The company was actively trading in food products and lumber - as well as the building and operation of ships related to this business.

Over the generations, the Terfloth family built the business of B. Terfloth to a point where it became well known and respected in neighboring countries and beyond as a leader in the food trading industry.

In the 1960s some of the associated companies pioneered the cash-and-carry business in Germany, and moved to a leadership position in the German food distribution system under the "Ratio" name.

In the 1970s the Terfloth family interests shifted their attention to worldwide trading in agricultural, marine and food products in combination with the Grace, Kennedy organization by forming the Terfloth + Kennedy group of companies outside Jamaica.

From the early 1970s this alliance focused on the development of the Grace, Kennedy business and on the "Grace" brand of foods in, to and from Jamaica. In the meantime, the Terfloth group became known and internationally recognized in its own right as a Canadian world class food trading house, as demonstrated by the "Canada Export Award" having been bestowed on the company by the Canadian government in 1985.

Subsequently, the Terfloth group acquired the "Grace" brand. It had been instrumental in creating this brand for the Jamaican trade. It also purchased their partner's shares in their alliance. In the mid 1990s, with a view to the changing times of the new millennium, the Terfloth group sold the "Grace" brand to focus on its version of an ideal organization with a new distinction of the World Merchant®.

The B. Terfloth group is thus committed to quick, effective and harmonious conveyance and feedback of information and flow of ideas, cargo/documents in exchange for credit and money.

(Price list dated 1895)

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