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B. Terfloth & Associates carry their own brands to accommodate all your market needs. We can also support your private label programs.


Buffet & Bar

Our brand of value products for the hotel, restaurant and foodservice. The label is designed for quick identification and easy reading in a busy foodservice environment.



This brand focuses on "value for money". The colorful Peacock brand can be well recognized and promotes “quality foods at affordable prices”. These foods are intrinsically not highly priced even though their nourishment value is high. The consumer’s concern is that low-priced products also represent good quality. In the case of our Peacock brand this is true – time after time.


Trade Winds

Trade Winds has become our principal brand of foods from the high seas, the tropics and far away. Traders of past centuries embraced the trade winds as "friendly winds" because they facilitated the movement of precious cargo from distant shores. The symbol of the tea clipper, with sails full of wind, illustrates a major step forward in times past of the speed of world trade. These foods meet our expectations for high nutrition, enjoyment and value.


Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet delivers Heat and a very characteristic flavor first adored in the Caribbean. While this pepper sauce is the mainstay ingredient in so many traditional Jamaican dishes, its flavourful punch has found its way into kitchens around the world.



The Winnetou brand stands for adventure in food experiences from the early Americas. Winnetou was the Apache Indian Chief hero in a series of popular best-sellers written for young people at the beginning of the last century, by German author Karl May. These action books depict the adventures of frontier men in native American territory at that time, and have become very famous with the public at large. One can still find these titles being sold briskly throughout Europe. Annual festivals in Bad Segeberg, near Hamburg, Germany, are still celebrating Winnetou and the adventures of which Karl May wrote. This brand represents typically North-American food products as illustrated by our Winnetou Canadian Maple Syrup. Other products featured under this brand can include vegetables, fruits, fish and many other traditional foods.



The Eastsun Brand offers a selection of products from the Orient; products ranging from our selection of canned fish and of coconut products. Eastsun products offer value, high quality and are priced to be competitive.

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